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Seigler LG Hight Torque Narrow Jigging Reel
Seigler LG Narrow 6:1 Gear Ratio - All Color Options

Seigler LG Narrow 6:1 Gear Ratio - All Color Options

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    Seigler LGN High Torque 6:1 Ratio Lever Drag Narrow Spool Fishing Reel

    Smoke, Smoke Blue, and Smoke Red color options are available

    Seigler LGN 6:1 Gear Ratio Narrow Spool Fishing Reel

    The Seigler LGN is a 6:1 gear ratio narrow spool aluminum lever drag reel that features a long crank arm that provides extra torque for deep jigging applications. The LGN's gear ratio and spool diameter provides for a 52 inch per crank line retrieval rate. This reel may be used for not only fishing bottom, but it is an excellent deep jigging reel as well. The extra torque makes this an excellent choice for anglers who fish on kayaks. Kayak anglers know that when fishing at water level extra torque provides a clear advantage over other fishing reels in this class. Seigler Reels are made in the USA.

    This reel will hold 335 yards of 20 LB Test Monofilament, 402 yards of 65 LB braided line, or 300 yards of 80 LB spectra braid.

    Seigler LGN 6:1 Gear Ratio High Torque Narrow Spool Fishing Reel

    The Truth, and nothing but! I love Seigler Reels. Made in the USA, they feature US grade metals, craftsmanship, and a rigorous quality control process. The LGN is an aluminum lever drag reel that features a longer crank handle. The extra length of the handle provides for increased torque, yet this reel maintains a healthy line pick up rate of 52 inches per crank, which makes for a very awesome combination! The extra torque is a great advantage for deep jigging, however it is also of great importance to kayak anglers who sit at water level when fighting big fish. Extra torque is of paramount importance when fishing in a kayak.

    Weighing in at 20 ounces, the Seigler LGN is a very light reel. The carbon fiber drag provides for a maximum drag of 35 LBS. The drag curve of the LG allows for a wide variety of drag settings, light or heavy. Versatility & power makes this reel an ideal choice for a variety of sportfishing techniques.


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