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Troll Master Downriggers & Accessories

Troll Master Downriggers for saltwater deep sea and freshwater fishing applications. The Troll Master & Fathom Master line of downriggers allows you to get your baits down deep and fish the entire water column.

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Downrigger Mounting Hardware Kit Troll-Master Downrigger Swivel Mount Long Screw Mounting Hardware Kit

Troll-Master Downrrigger Accessories

Our Price: $10.89
High Tension Downrigger Release Clip Hydrodynamic Downrigger Release Clip

Downrigger Accessories

Our Price: $11.99
Downrigger Cable Terminator Kit Troll-Master Downrigger Cable Terminator Kit

Downrigger Accessories

Our Price: $22.00
200 LB Test Downrigger Braid 300 FT Downrigger Braided Line 200 LB Test

Downrigger Accessories

Our Price: $28.00
Standard Non Swivel Downrigger Mounting Plate Troll-Master Standard Downrigger Mounting Plate

Downrigger Accessories

Our Price: $30.00
Rod Holder Downrigger Gimbal Mount Troll-Master Downrigger Rod Holder Gimbal Mount

DownriggerS & Accessories

Our Price: $80.00
Universal Downrigger Swivel Base Mount Troll-Master Downrigger Swivel Base

Downrigger Accessories

Our Price: $99.99