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Black Fin Tuna Lures

The lures featured on this page are particularly effective on Black Fin Tuna. The lures come in 3 versions, individual lures that may be used with ballyhoo and bonito strips, daisy chain lures that are rigged and ready to fish out of the package, as well as the infamous bird chains, which feature a bird teaser with a trailing lure. The bird teaser provides the necessary agitation to product a smoke trail that is particularly attractive to Black Fin Tuna. These lures are all manufactured by Draggin Eyes Fishing Lures. Draggin Eyes is a collection of red eye lures that have been a favorite amongst deep sea saltwater big game anglers who target tuna and other big game salt water game fish.

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Blackfin Tuna Lures 5 Pack
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Item #: BFTL-5PACK - Black Fin Tuna "Tuna Chips" Lure Package of 5 Free Shipping Black Fin Tuna Lures Package of 5Our Black Fin "Tuna Chips" are irresistible to Black Fin Tuna. These lures were designed to be trolled with a generous drop back, as well as in the "shot gun"...
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