SFE Tournament Series Kite 12 - 30 MPH Winds Kite
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SFE Tournament Series Kite 12 - 30 MPH Winds Kite
40 Small Diameter Hole Fishing Kite

SFE Tournament Series Kite 12 - 30 MPH Winds Kite

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SFE Tournament Series Kite 12 - 30 MPH Winds Kite

40 Small Diameter Holes Fishing Kite with storage case

Purchase includes 10 Kite Rings, & 3 Kite Markers

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SFE Tournament Series 1683 12-30 MPH Fishing Kite

SFE The Ultimate High Performance High Wind Fishing Kite flies steady in winds of 12 MPH PLUS! This Extra Heavy Tournament Series fishing kite is a must have on days when the wind gusts up to 30 MPH. This high performance high wind kite will fly steady in high winds. Composite heavy duty spars. This kite has a total of 40 small diameter holes. Comes complete with storage case, 3 Kite Markers, & 10 Kite Rings.

Fishing Kite Accessories

At BlueMarlinChronicles.com we feature the SFE Fishing Kites. In addition we also have the necessary accessories for all fishing kite applications:

* Kite Rings: Package of 25 Rings to facilitate fishing kite line release.
* Kite Release Clips: Set of 3 Blacks RC-60 Pre-drilled Fishing Kite Release Clips
* Kite Fishing Line: Jerry Brown 80 LB Test Braided Spectra Fishing Line
* Kristal XL 601 and Kristal 640 Electric Kite Fishing Reels
* 40 inch Fishing Kite Helium Balloons from BMC Tackle
* 60 and 90 CU FT Fishing Kite Helium Systems from BMC Tackle
* Bait Bridling Tools from Quick Rig

SFE High Wind Fishing Kites

We recommend the SFE Kites to all our customers who fish kites. The SFE is a professionally designed and hand crafted kite. Each kite is individually splined, this process assures that your SFE kite will fly steady. All SFE Kites are individually handcrafted and manufactured in the USA and backed by an iron clad warranty.

The SFE Tournament Series Kite 12 - 30 MPH Winds Kite is a high wind model used when offshore conditions wind conditions are higher. The model 1683 is also recommended for anglers using electric kite reels that feature a higher speed retrieve. The major difference between the all wind models and the high wind models is a series of 40 small diameter strategically placed holes that allow the wind to penetrate the kite, thereby reducing the resistance on the surface area of the kite. These holes allow the kite to fly steady in high winds, as well as protect the spars during flight, and during retrieval.

An important consideration for anglers who use electric reels, is the retrieval speed. Reels that feature high speed retrieves will increase wind resistance on the surface area of the kite during the retrieval process. Excessive resistance may result in spar damage. Due to the aerodynamic hole design of the 1683, the kite will tolerate fast retrievals. The Kristal Reel models XL 640, XL 640-M, XL 601, and XL 601-M, are not considered high speed retrieve reels. Electric kite reels that feature a variable speed control, such as the Kristal XL 605 are also not considered high speed reels, because the angler is able to adjust the retrieval speed of the kite.

Unlike other "SFE Clones" made overseas, the SFE will not fly erratically. A steady flying kite is imperative to assure the successful deployment, and overall quality of the kite fishing experience. The individual splining of each kite is what assures the performance of each kite. This is the most popular kite amongst professional tournament anglers, and the kite's performance is the very reason why.

The SFE is not the least expensive kite available, however it is the only one that will perform flawlessly. We have tested several other kites and hands down the SFE is vastly superior to all the others. Kite fishing is a technique that requires practice, the SFE Kite will assure that your first and subsequent kite fishing experiences are enjoyable as well as productive. As we say, SFE Kites are Often Imitated, but NEVER duplicated.

Tight Lines,

Louis CEO, BMC Tackle Inc.
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