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Sea Anchors and Drift Control Devices

Our 5.5 FT Parachute Sea Anchor is a drift control device that allows the angler to slow down their drift when fishing offshore. This drift control device is a great alternative for anglers wishing to control their drift at an affordable price. Our sea anchor is a parachute type drift control device designed for controlling your drift when fishing. Unlike other more expensive sea anchors, our sea anchor is only for drift control and is not meant to be used, nor should it ever be used as an emergency foul weather sea anchor.

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Parachute Sea Anchor Drift Control Device
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BMC Tackle
Item #: BMC-00269 - UPC Code 628586574946 Parachute Sea Anchor Drift Control Device BMC Tackle's Parachute Sea Anchor is ideal to slow down your drift while fishing live baits. This is our BEST Sea Anchor. The large 5.5 ft. diameter...
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    Products 1-1 of 1