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Sato Reel Spooling Machine

Sato Custom Tackle Line Winder Line Spooling Machine

The Sato Line Winder is an excellent choice for anglers wishing to own a line winding machine. Designed by Garry Sato, the Sato Line Winder works with a standard electric drill, the unique configuration of this line winding machine will allow you to spool all sizes of fishing reels, from small light tackle reels to the larger big game fishing reels. This line winding machine features an optional analog line counter, and may be used to spool monofilament, Dacron, Dyneema, as well as hollow core, and non-hollow core Spectra braided fishing lines.

The optional line counter will allow you to measure the actual amount of line you spool on a reel, and allow you to label your spools of unused line with the amount of line left in them. The line counter is especially useful when spooling kite reels, by measuring the actual amount of line spooled, you can accurately space your kite release clips. Anglers who repeatedly spool the same reels with the same line may not need the line counter. Once the amount of line a reel takes is known, it is easy to keep track of how much line you have left on your spools of new unused line. The last thing you want is a bunch of spools with new line where the line quantity is not known, labeling how much line is left in these will allow you to maximize usage and save money in the long run.

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Sato Analog Counter analog line counter
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Sato Tackle
Item #: BMC-00255 - Line Winding Machine Line Counter Sato Analog CounterThe Sato Analog Counter is an analog line counter that may be used in conjunction with the Sato Line Spooler. The use of the line counter comes in handy when spooling reels of...
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    ato Line Winder
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    Price: $425.00

    Sato Tackle
    Item #: BMC-00254 - Line Winding Machine   Big Game Reel Line SpoolerThe Sato Custom Tackle Line Winder comes in kit form so you can say, you built it yourself. Accepts big game reels up to 80 sized Penn and Shimanos. This...
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