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How To Retie Skirts on Bahama Lures

Step by Step Guide on Re-skirting and Retying Bahama Lures - Repairing a Lure

Materials needed:

A. 2 Replacement Skirts (Bahama Lures are double skirted)
B. Sharp Scissors
C. Furniture Polish
D. Wax Thread

You will need 2 skirts, wax thread, sharp
scissors, and furniture polish

Cut the top of the skirt half way down the
top bulb of the squid skirts.
Turn the skirts inside out and loosen all the
tails, these are sometimes stuck together

Lubricate the skirts with furniture polish. Also
do this after each use offshore
Push the back of the lure into the skirt that
will go underneath. Remember that the skirt
underneath is the 2nd lure color

Using 2 FT of floss make a loop hold it with
your thumb and tightly wrap the floss & pull
tight, the heat generated will bond the floss
Pass the tag end once or twice through the
loop you made under your thumb

Pull ends apart so knot disappears under the
wrap. Trim the ends leaving a 1/2 in of floss
In lieu of trimming you can tie an overhand
knot in both ends together if desired

Now you can take the two tag ends and pull
them apart
Trim the knot above the floss. This step is
needed with larger lures, but not the small

Pull the skirt from the lure head and over the
back. Twist to put the dark side up or down
Add the furniture polish to the outer skirt and
drop the lure in tail first

Pull the skirt over the lure head using a hair
dryer or heat gun to soften the skirt
Tie the outer skirt using the same method as
you used to tie the first skirt

DONE! Go Catch Fish & Send pics!!!

Bahama Lure Care:

After a day of trolling wash your lures down with fresh water, NEVER USE SOAP! Let them dry, and spray them down with furniture polish to keep them soft, and loose.

Bahama Lure skirts are available by phone order. You may reach me at (954) 263-6177 to order your skirts.

Tight Lines,
Louis CEO
BMC Tackle Inc.