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Black's RC 60 3 Release Clip Kit for Fishing Kites

Black's RC 60 3 Release Clip Kit
Black's RC 60 3 Release Clip Kit
Our Price: $39.00



Blacks 3 Release Clip Kit

Fish up to 3 baits at a time from your kite. These pre-drilled clips come complete with instructions and the necessary swivels to rig your kite reel for optimum performance. Price includes shipping.

A 3 release clip kite rig allows the angler the freedom to fish one, two, or three baits off one kite. A 3rd release clip allows the angler to re-deploy a bait without completely reeling in the kite, maintaining a bait in the water at all times. The third release clip is a definite advantage over the traditional 2 release clip rig.

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