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Bait Clip Bridling and Bait Rigging Tool by Quick Rig

The Bait Clip is a bait bridling tool that eliminates the need for needles, thread, and floss when bridling your live or dead baits.

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Baitclip Chin Weights Baitclip Chin Weights

BaitClip Chin Weights

Our Price: $8.00
Extra Large Bait Clips Extra Large Bait Clips

Package of 75 Clips

Our Price: $12.75
Large Baitclips Large Baitclips

Large BaitClips

Our Price: $12.75
Medium Baitclips Medium Baitclips

Medium BaitClips

Our Price: $12.75
Small Baitclips Small Baitclips

Small BaitClips

Our Price: $12.75
Quick Rig Bait Clip Bridling Bait Rigging Tool Quick Rig Bait Clip Bridling Bait Rigging Tool

Quick Rig BaitClip Tool

Our Price: $79.99
Sailfish Package Aluminum BaitClip Tool Sailfish Package

BaitClip Sailfish Tournament Package

Our Price: $99.99
Kingfish Package Aluminum Baitclip Tool Kingfish Package

BaitClip Kingfish Tournament Package

Our Price: $104.95
Offshore Package Aluminum Baitclip Tool Offshore Package

BaitClip Offshore Package

Our Price: $104.95