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Kristal XL 75 SD
Kristal XL 75 Super Variable Speed Programmable Electric Reel
Kristal XL 75 SD
Kristal XL 75 Super Variable Speed Programmable Electric Reel - KRIST-XL75-SD

Kristal XL 75 Super Variable Speed Programmable Electric Reel

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Kristal XL 75 Super Variable Speed Programmable Electric Reel

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Kristal XL 75 Super Variable Speed Programmable Electric Reel

The Kristal XL 75 S Gear Driven Programmable Electric Deep Drop Fishing Reel and Downrigger with new motor! Pulls 75 LBS of dead weight with a max drag of 38 LBS. The Super series features variable speed control, and it is fully programmable featuring Auto-Stop, Auto Jigging, and a digital line counter.

Kristal XL-75SD Features:

* Variable Speed Control
* Gear Driven
* Rod Mounted
* Interchangeable Spool
* Loud Clicker
* Pulls 75 LBS of dead weight
* Star Drag

We have deep drop rod and reel combos featuring the XL-75 SD. Reasonably priced, this reel is an excellent alternative to more expensive programmable variable speed electric deep drop reels. The variable speed control, and gear drive, allows this reel to double up as an electric down rigger, as well as a small light weight dredge puller. Anglers who troll deep with down riggers, and deep drop, will appreciate the versatility of the Kristal XL-75 SD. Available in both 12 & 24 volt power options.

Kristal Electric Fishing Reel Technical Specifications


XL 621 XL 651 XF 651 XL75 XL  
XL 720
XL 920
UNIT WEIGHT (lbs) 6 11 16 22 11 24 20 24
WITH Spectra 130lb
3000 3600 3600 5000 3600 2600 3000 3000
100 330 360 440 320 220

5 7 12 15 7 11 11 15
FISH PULLING POWER (lbs) 300 700 1000 1500 700 772 772 1,000
 ( Inch)
11x10x5 11x10x5 12x10x11 14x10x11 13x15x9  15x14x12 13x14x9

I discovered this little gem back in 2004. Until that time I had never seen or even heard about the XL 75. One of my customers from Trinidad alerted me to the existance of this reel. I had this reel special ordered from Kristal in Italy via Kristal USA. Upon arrival I was thrilled with the reel and purchased one for myself. Thoroughly impressed with it's performance, I immediately commenced marketing the XL 75. I am proud to say that BMC was the first US dealer to sell this reel.

The XL 75 SD has the same motor, same features, and same power specifications as the Kristal 621 DM. Contrary to popular belief, the XL 75 SD is a rod mounted electric reel, with variable speed control and now featuring the ability to program, AutoStop, Auto Jigging, and a digital line counter. The XL 75 SD may be mounted on any of our Sceptre Deep Drop 80-130 rods.

When anglers inquire about this reel the question that always comes up is:

 "Why is this reel less expensive than a 611 DM?"

The answer to this question is  very simple.  The 621 is an excellent reel that was developed for the US market. It features a front mounted spool with a lever drag. This spool configuration, while more attractive to look at, is more labor intensive to manufacture. In addition, the 621 is belt driven because of the spool's location. Since the 621 takes more time to assemble and manufacture, it has a more expensive price tag.

Here are the differences between the reels:

  • XL 75SD has a side mounted gear driven spool the 611 DM's spool is on the front
  • XL 75SD has an interchangable spool, the 611 DM does not
  • XL 75SD features a star drag, the 611 DM features a lever drag
  • XL 75SD features one up and down switch, the 611DM only reels line in, the line is let out by releasing the drag. The XL 75 SD allows the angler to also let line out by releasing the drag, however because it let line in and out electronically, it can do double duty as a fully programmable electric down rigger. 
  • XL 75SD is about $400 less than a 611 DM

I have been using the XL 75 since 2004, throughout this time this reel has served me well. In addition. all of my customers who have purchased this reel from me have been extremely satisfied with it's performance. I feel comfortable recommending this reel to all my customers.

Tight Lines,
CEO BMC Tackle Inc.

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