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Kristal XL 610 DM LW Electric Fishing Reel
Kristal XL 610 DM LW Electric Reel

Kristal XL 610 DM LW Electric Reel

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Kristal XL 610 DM LW Electric Reel

Kristal XL 610 DM LW Electric Reel

Weighing in at 13 LBS the Kristal XL 610 DM LW Electric Reel is a fully programmable, variable speed, electric reel with aluminum spool, manual over ride, and fully integrated built in level wind. This reel can lift 38 LBS of dead weight, and features a maximum drag of 42 LBS. Given it's size and weight, this reel may be used as an electric kite reel, bridge mounted teaser reel, deep dropping in depths of up to 1200 FT, and it can also be used to pull dredges with a total weight of 34 LBS or less.

The programmable features include, AutoStop, AutoJigging, and a digital line counter. This reel has a line capacity of 1100 YDS of 80 LB or 950 YDS of 130 LB Test braided fishing line. Maximum retrieval speed with full spool is 360 Feet per Minute, Average maximum retrieval is 295 Feet per Minute. The variable speed control allows an adjustment range of 0 to 360 Feet per Minute.

Kristal XL 610 DM LW Electric Reel

This relatively small 13 LB powerhouse may be used for a variety of deep sea fishing applications. The reel's ability to lift a full 38 LBS of dead weight, and the aluminum spool allows this reel to be used not only for kite fishing, and deep dropping in depths of 1200 feet or less, it may also be used to pull small dredges that max out at 34 LBS or less. Anglers who desire to use an electric reel to pull planers, as well as those who wish to have a programmable bridge teaser reel with Auto Stop, will find the capabilities of the Kristal XL 610 DM LW Electric Reel to suit their needs.

In addition to the popular Auto Stop feature, this reel also has a digital line counter, as well as an Auto Jigging Mode. The jigging mode may be used for deep jigging, but the manner in which the jigging feature is programmed; Line Retrieval in Feet followed by a programmable pause, allows the Auto Jigging feature to be used to program erratic teaser action, as well as "high speed trolling" for wahoo, without the high speed. Keep in mind that if your boat is moving at 8 KNOTS and you pull a lure with an electric reel while you are trolling, the speed of the lure goes well beyond the 8 knots of the boat. The programmable PAUSE feature allows for full seconds, as well as fraction of a second. The pause followed by a sudden burst is a very attractive feature that may be used to entice the bite. This is true for both a lure, or a surface teaser such as a daisy chain, pin rig, or a Boone Sundancer. The vast programming options of the Kristal XL 610 DM LW Electric Reel will allow you to customize your trolling patterns, with this reel anything is possible.


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