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Kristal XL 625 DM LW - 621 Wide
Kristal 625 DM LW Programmable Electric Variable Speed Reel with Manual Overide & Level Wind
Kristal XL 625 DM LW - 621 Wide
Kristal XL 625 DM LW

Kristal 625 DM LW Programmable Electric Variable Speed Reel with Manual Overide & Level Wind

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Kristal 625 DM LW Programmable Electric Variable Speed Reel with Manual Overide & Level Wind

AKA "XL 621 Wide"

Kristal 625 DM LW Series Programmable Electric Deep Drop Reel with Handle

* Automatic Jigging & Variable Speed
* Auto Stop Feature
* Line Counter
* Built in Level Wind
* Lever Drag
* Conventional Reel Handle for manual operation
* 12 or 24 Volt Operation

In order for a digital line counter to be accurate line diameter must be taken into account. As we all know the smaller the line diameter, the more line you can put on the reel. For optimum performance and accuracy, Kristal's digital line counter is programmable for lines ranging from 50 to 200 LB test.

The Kristal 625-DM LW is an ideal deep drop reel for a wide variety of fish including grouper, snapper, tile fish, amberjacks, and others. This reel features the necessary power for occasional sword fishing. The aluminum spool allows this reel to be used with both spectra and nylon monofilament lines. This model is ideal for sword fishing, the wide body allows for 2500 yards of 65 LB test braided fishing line.

Note: The XL 625 DM LW model features a wide body. This reel features greater line capacity than the 621 models, and the wide body allows for cooler operation of the variable speed control. We designed this reel to replace the older 611 reel models, which are now discontinued.

Kristal 625 DM LW Programmable Electric Variable Speed Reel with Manual Overide & Level Wind

The XL 625 DM LW features a manual handle that allows the user manual, electric, and power assist operation. In addition this reel feature programmable features that allow a wide selection of fishing options to the angler:

* Automatic Stop Feature

The auto stop allows the user to automatically stop the retrieval at a certain depth, or as is the case in kite fishing, height. This allows the angler to do other things instead of concentrating on hitting the switch when he/she wants to stop the reel. This feature is especially helpful for tournament fishing, as well as to save your rod tips from swivels.

* Line Counter

The digital line counter allows the angler to know how much line has been paid out. The line counter always counts line out, and it never goes into negative numbers, therefore when the counter reads zero, the reeling stops.

* Automatic Jigging Function

The automatic jigging is a cool way of putting a reel on auto pilot. It allows the user to set a jigging rate, as well as a pause between pulls. This function reels line in at the rate prescribed by the user.

* 12 or 24 Volt Option

For anglers who have 24 volt systems installed on their boats, a 24 volt version of this reel is available. If you are going to add a new system to your vessel, we recommend going with the 12, for it is easier to install, and less expensive. The 24 volt system does not provide any performance enhancements to our reels, both systems feature the same capabilities, and specifications.

* Variable Speed

The variable speed control allows the reel's retrieval speed to be either increased or decreased. This control features a computer control card that allows the speed to vary, but the torque to remain constant. it is important to understand that the variable speed control will allow you to increase or decrease speed, however it does not provide more speed than the top speed of the actual reel. Basically a variable speed reel is not faster than one that does not have variable speed.

* Built In Level Wind

Kristal reels feature motors that have the necessary capacity to land big fish, while maintaining normal gear ratios that do not require the motor to function at high RPMs all the time. The gearing on our reels allows for normal motor operation, which provides longevity, and reliable performance.

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Kristal Electric Fishing Reel Technical Specifications

605 XL,
D, & DM

611 XL, D
& DM

655 XL, D,
& DM

XF 651 XL75 XL
XL 720
XL 920
UNIT WEIGHT (lbs) 6 11 16 22 11 24 20 24
WITH Spectra 130lb
3000 3600 3600 5000 3600 2600 3000 3000
0 to 100 0 to 320 0 to 360 440 320 220

5 7 12 15 7 11 11 15
FISH PULLING POWER (lbs) 300 500 1000 1500 500 772 772 1,000
( Inch)
11x10x5 11x10x5 12x10x11 14x10x11 13x15x9 15x14x12 13x14x9