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Kristal In Line Female 12/24 Volt 32 AMP Connector

Kristal In Line Female 12 Volt 32 AMP Connector
Kristal In Line Female 12 Volt 32 AMP Connector
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Product Code: BMC-PRV32A

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32 AMP Female Inline Connector - Pigtail

This 32 AMP female inline marine connector is suitable for the fabrication of pigtail extensions used for the installation of both 12 and 24 volt DC systems that are used to power large electric reels, winches, dredge reels, high power LED lights, grinders, and commercial grade fishing lamps. Ideal for all DC marine equipment that requires higher amperage draws.


Thank you for visiting BlueMarlinChronicles.com If you are purchasing any 32 AMP connector, please be advised that the 32 AMP size is fairly new. If you are purchasing a 32 AMP plug for a system that is older than 3 years, chances are it is a 16 AMP system. You can verify by looking at the connector presently on your boat, reel, light, or accessory that you are looking to connect. Each connector has a label that identifies it as either a 16 or 32 AMP rated connection. If you are not sure, I am always available to personally assist you. You can text me, text a picture if needed, or speak with me at (954)263-6177