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Kristal Male 12/24 Volt 16 AMP Connector

12 Volt Male 16 AMP Plug
12 Volt Male 16 AMP Plug
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Product Code: 16MALE

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16 AMP Male Connector

New improved 12 or 24 volt Kristal PRM 16 AMP male connector features a threaded top that acts as both, a super strong strain relief, as well as top seal. In addition, the new PRM model features internal thicker brass wire inserts. (See pictures)


Thank you for visiting BlueMarlinChronicles.com Three years ago we added 32 AMP connectors, some manufacturers that purchase from us have now switched to 32 AMP female connectors. You can verify the amperage of your connection by looking at the connector presently on your boat, reel, light, or accessory that you are looking to connect. Each connector has a label that identifies it as either a 16 or 32 AMP rated connection. If you are not sure, I am always available to personally assist you. You can text me, text a picture if needed, or speak with me at (954)263-6177