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Kite Thong Kit Complete with Helium Balloons
Kite Thong Kit Complete with Helium Balloons

Kite Thong & 10 Helium Balloons

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    Your choice of a 3 or 4 strap kite Thong helium balloon attachment device and 10 40 inch heavy walled helium balloons. The Kite Thong works on all fishing kites with spars, SFE, Frenzy, Tigress, and AFTCO fishing kites.

    Kite Thong & 10 Helium Balloons

    The 3 strap Kite Thong is used for fishing live baits off a kite. This device allows the angler to attach a balloon to any fishing kite with spars. The Kite Thong is a quick on and off system that eliminates the need for lines, and most importantly tape. The tape is typically used to maintain the line positioned on the balloon. The problem with tape is that it will weaken the latex material of the balloon. Keep in mind that on sunny days the temperature inside the balloon will fluctuate with direct sunlight and cloud activity. Such slight changes in temperature will cause balloon pressure and volume to fluctuate throughout the day, this is the reason why tape on the surface of the ballon will damage the latex causing it to "thing" resulting in eventual balloon failure.

    There are two Kite Thong Models - 3 Strap & 4 Strap, the 3 strap model is used when the kite is used to drift live baits, where the 4 Strap model may be also used to drift live baits, but this model may also be used to slow troll live baits.

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