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Helium Systems for Fishing Kites

BlueMarlinChronicles.com is the originator of the helium system for filling helium fishing balloons aboard your boat. Helium allows the use of fishing kites in low wind conditions.

At BMC we have a 60 CU FT and a 120 CU FT aluminum cylinder systems. Our brass BMC Helium Regulator features a hand tightened regulator threaded connection, hand actuated flow control filling valve, and a self-coiling 12 FT helium high-pressure hose, bourdon pressure gauge, and swivel connectors with chaffe protecion.

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BMC. Marine Helium Regulator BMC Helium Regulator with 12 FT Hose and Fill Valve

BMC Brass Marine Helium Regulator with Hose & Fill Valve

Our Price: $119.99
BMC 60 CU FT Kite Fishing Helium System 60 CU FT Fishing Kite Helium System

UPC Code 628586574915

Our Price: $310.00
BMC 120 CU FT Kite Helium System 120 CU FT Fishing Kite Helium System

120 CU FT FIshing Kite Helium System

Our Price: $540.00