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ato Line Winder
ato Line Winder

Sato Line Winder

Item #: BMC-00254
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    Sato Line Winder



    Big Game Reel Line Spooler

    The Sato Custom Tackle Line Winder comes in kit form so you can say, you built it yourself. Accepts big game reels up to 80 sized Penn and Shimanos. This infinitely adjustable and versatile line winder will also spool bass reels, fly-reels, bait casters, and level-wind reels. The bulk spool holder will hold bulk spools up to 8 ½" wide!

    This quality line winder will work with most corded/collared electric drills. Designed for the Angler on the go, this line winder will break down for easy storage and transport. The variable speed foot actuated control pedal allows hands free safe operation. When compared to other line winders that retail from $800 to $1400, the Sato Line Winder is inexpensive.

    An optional analog line counter is available. The line winder features 100% aluminum and plated steel parts. Assembly time is less than 3 minutes, so simple you don't need instructions!


    Recommended Drills
    When selecting a drill it is important to match the AMP rating to the foot switch, which is rated at 6 AMPS.
    Milwaukee #0234-6 1/2" 5.5amp 0-850rpm
    Milwaukee #0244-1 1/2" 5.5amp 0-600rpm
    Makita #DP4700 1/2" 0-550rpm
    Makita #DP6302H 1/2" 6.5amp 0-550rpm
    Craftsman 1/2" Drill model# 315.101100 5.5 amp
    Craftsman 1/2" Drill model# 315.101110 6.0 amp

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