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SFE Ultimate All Purpose Green Fishing Kite - 1671

SFE All Wind Fishing Kite
SFE All Wind Fishing Kite
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SFE Ultimate All Wind Fishing Kite

The SFE Ultimate All-Purpose Green model 1671 fishing kite flies in winds from 5 to 25 MPH. SFE Kites fly steady and are the world's most stable fishing kites. This standard all-purpose fishing kite is individually spared and balanced for peak performance, making it the most popular choices amongst anglers who fish with kites. An SFE Kite will never let you down! Comes complete with storage case,
The standard all-purpose ultimate fishing kites from SFE are the ideal kites for anglers who are just starting to fish with kites. The steady flight pattern and all wind range of 5 to 25 mph make this kite easy to deploy, and easy to use.

We are by far the most unique kite fishing retailers in the world. Always available to provide information and kite fishing instructions to anglers that have little to no experience with fishing kite techniques. At BMC we are experienced kite anglers eager to share our knowledge and time, just give us a call!

Also available in Red, model 1672, for easy identification when flying 2 or more kites.

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