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Kristal & Daiwa Electric Kite Reels

We stock 12-volt electric kite fishing reels from Daiwa & Kristal Fishing. Anglers needing a 24-Volt electric kite reel, we have the Kristal XL 601 & 601 M available in 24-volt. I recommend the Kristal XL 601 M with manual override, this reel has the necessary pulling power to not struggle on high wind days. The speed of the 601-M reel is consistent with the fastest retrieval rate that will safely retrieve the kite without putting excessive pressure on kite spars due to excessive retrieval speeds that increased resistance and result in broken spars. Anglers who desire a programmable kite reel with the necessary power and safe retrieval speed, there is no better choice than the Daiwa Tanacom 1000, the T-1000 also features a handle for manual operations.

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Kristal XL 601 Electric Kite & Teaser Reel Kristal XL 601

Kristal XL 601 Electric Reel - BlueMarlinChronicles.com

Our Price: $499.99
Kristal XL 601 M Electric & Manual Kite Reel Kristal XL 601-M Electric Manual Kite Teaser Reel

Kristal XL 601 M Electric Kite Reel - BlueMarlinChronicles.com

Our Price: $569.99
Daiwa Electric Kite & Teaser Reel Daiwa Tanacom 1000 Electric Reel

Fully Programmable

Our Price: $639.99
Kristal 605 XL Electric Reel Kristal XL 605 Variable Speed Kite Teaser Reel

Kite & Teaser Reel
Variable Speed

Our Price: $799.99

Daiwa Tanacom 1000 & Kristal XL 601 M Electric Kite Reels For Sale
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