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Kristal XL 651-M Dredge Pulling Combo
Kristal Dredge Rod & XL 651 M Combo
Kristal XL 651-M Dredge Pulling Combo
Kristal Dredge Rod & XL 651 M Combo - KDC - XL 651-M

Kristal Dredge Rod & XL 651 M Combo

Item #: KDC - XL 651-M
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    Kristal Dredge Rod & XL 651 M Combo

    Best Price Guarantee on all Kristal Fishing products.

    Kristal Dredge Rod & XL 651 M Combo

    Kristal's XL 651-M featuring manual over ride handle, combo'ed out with Kristal's new stainless steel 80-130 LB Class telescopic dredge rod with swivel roller tip is an excellent dredge pulling combo for anglers who pull single, double, and triple tiered dredges. The 651 M manual over ride handle will allow you to make fine adjustments, as well as fight fish.

    See our Buyer's Guide for additional information on available accessories, and electric fishing reel combos, and packages.

    Kristal Electric Fishing Reel Technical Specifications

    XL 601 &
    601 M
    XL 621 &
    621 M
    XL 651 &
    651 M
    XF 651 XL75 XL  
    XL 720
    XL 920
    UNIT WEIGHT (lbs) 6 11 16 22 11 24 20 24
    WITH Spectra 130lb
    3000 3600 3600 5000 3600 2600 3000 3000
    100 330 360 440 320 220

    5 7 12 15 7 11 11 15
    FISH PULLING POWER (lbs) 300 700 1000 1500 500 772 772 1,000
    ( Inch)
    11x10x5 11x10x5 12x10x11 14x10x11
    13x15x9  15x14x12 13x14x9

    Kristal Dredge Rod & XL 651 M Combo

    I recommend the Kristal 651-M as an excellent deep drop electric reel for anglers who routinely deep drop and/or pull dredges. Angler's who deep drop in depths of 2500 feet and beyond, will find the performance characteristics, and manual over ride handle of the 651-M to be impeccable and second to none. The Kristal 651-M features the necessary performance characteristics to fit all your deep drop and dredge pulling needs. In addition, this combo will do double duty as a dredge puller, as well as an electric downrigger. This reel is suitably powered to pull single, double, as well as triple tiered dredges when fishing offshore. The manual over ride handle allows the angler to make fine adjustments, as well as manually fight fish when fishing offshore.

    This combo is available with Kristal's new remote control unit, which allows the 651-M to be operated at a distance. In addition, we also have level winds, and many other accessories. Custom deep drop packages are our specialty. Call today for special pricing on all Kristal Fishing products. I may be reached at (954) 263-6177.

    Tight Lines,

    Louis, CEO, BMC Tackle Inc.

    (954) 263-6177

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