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Kristal 655 XF Dredge Pulling Combo
Kristal Dredge Rod & 655 XF Combo
Kristal 655 XF Dredge Pulling Combo
Kristal Dredge Rod & 655 XF Combo - KDC - 655-XF

Kristal Dredge Rod & 655 XF Combo

Item #: KDC - 655-XF
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    Kristal Dredge Rod & 655 XF Combo

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    Kristal Dredge Rod & 655 XF Combo

    The mighty Kristal 655 XF variable speed electric reel combo'ed out with Kristal's new stainless steel 80-130 LB Class telescopic dredge rod with swivel roller tip is the most powerful electric dredge reel you can buy. This reel will pull both double and triple tiered dredges. 

    See our Buyer's Guide for additional information, on optional equipment, and money saving custom packages.

    Kristal Electric Fishing Reel Technical Specifications

    XL 601 &
    601 M
    XL 621 &
    621 M
    XL 651 &
    651 M
    XF 651 XL75 XL  
    XL 720
    XL 920
    UNIT WEIGHT (lbs) 6 11 16 22 11 24 20 24
    WITH Spectra 130lb
    3000 3600 3600 5000 3600 2600 3000 3000
    100 330 360 440 320 220

    5 7 12 15 7 11 11 15
    FISH PULLING POWER (lbs) 300 700 1000 1500 500 772 772 1,000
    ( Inch)
    11x10x5 11x10x5 12x10x11 14x10x11
    13x15x9  15x14x12 13x14x9
    The design of the new 655 XF X-treme Fishing electric reel from Kristal USA was based on the very popular XL 651. This anodized, solid marine-grade aluminum framed, aluminum spooled reel, features sealed composite drive and drag chambers that are incredibly strong. Tested under the most severe environmental conditions, this reel provided the perfect chassis for the creation of a monster! Make no mistake about it, the XF 655 is the monster truck of electric reels.

    First, Kristal added a new, more powerful motor that generates more dead lifting power than any reel in its class so you can muscle the biggest fish off the bottom, as well as use it to pull double and triple tiered dredges. This is the fastest reel that Kristal makes, featuring a retrieval speed of 420 feet per minute. This reel is O-ring sealed for long life in the marine environment.

    The 655 XF features a beefed up synchronous, multi-tooth drive system based around a near silent, reinforced rubber, lugged drive belt that is incredibly strong and dependable. It's the same type of system used in expensive motorcycle racing engines where the drive chains have been replaced by belts. The variable speed function allows the angler to vary the retrieval speed of the reel.

    This reel is also available with a remote control system that allows you to operate the reel from a distance. I may be reached at (954) 263-6177 for additional information, as well as pricing on custom deep drop, and electric reel packages. Many options to choose from.

    Tight Lines,

    Louis CEO, BMC Tackle Inc.

    (954) 263-6177

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