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Kristal 640M Kite Fishing Combo
Kristal 640M Kite Fishing Combo

Complete Electric & Manual Kite Fishing Combo

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    Complete Electric & Manual Kite Fishing Combo


    Complete Kite Fishing Combo


    Kristal 640-M Electric Kite Reel
    Sceptre Tournament Series Kite Rod (Winthrop Tip Option available)
    80 LB Test Kite Line
    3 Release Clip Set - Black Marine
    SFE All Wind Kite
    Set of Kite Markers
    Set of Kite Rings

    Everything you need to fish the kites! NOTHING else to buy.

    Sceptre Tournament Series Kite Rod

    My Sceptre Tournament Series Kite Rod is hands down the best kite rod you will ever use. Unlike other kite rods where the reel tightens toward the rod tip, resulting in a loosened or lost kite reel, the Sceptre Tournament Series Kite Rod features an aluminum butt where the threads tighten towards the butt. This feature serves the following purposes:

    A. The reel will not come loose when running offshore

    B. No need to "tighten" the threads when kites are deployed

    C. The reel tightens on to the rod as you run offshore

    Each rod features our new Tungsten Carbide Stainless Steel Rod Tip! Tungsten carbide guides were designed for use with stainless steel wire such as Monel. The Spectra line as well as the SPRO swivels will not harm this over built rod tip. This is a very important feature because the guide will not fail while the kite is in flight. Given the cost of fishing kites and release clips, the last thing you want is a kite setup that is lost due to the failure of the rod tip.

    The Sceptre Tournament Series Kite rod measures a full 36 inches, butt section is 15 inches to allow proper clearance when placed on a gunwale mounted rod holder. This allows the angler to easily clip the line to the release clips at a comfortable arm's length, no need to reach out! In addition to the aluminum reel seat, the rod features a heavy duty slick butt, as well as an EVA foregrip, and a lure keeper to keep your clips safe when not in use.

    I designed Sceptre Fishing Rods after years of fishing with rods that under-performed. There are many "cheaper" rods to choose from, however none will perform like our Sceptre Rods. Please feel free to email or call me if you have any questions regarding our line of Sceptre Tournament Series Fishing Rods. All of our rods are made here in the USA by expert craftsmen.

    The Kristal 640-M Electric Kite Reel was designed specifically for kite fishing. The 640-M features a new more powerful electric motor capable of lifting 25 LBS of dead weight, and it features a handle for manual operation. The 640M provides a powerful yet light weight package. The lightweight and compact design of the 640M allows this reel to be comfortably fished from a trident rod holder.

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