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Kristal Non-Telescopic SS Dredge Rod
Dredge Rod Stainless Steel Fixed Boom

Dredge Rod Stainless Steel Fixed Boom

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    Dredge Rod Stainless Steel Fixed Boom

    42 inch Non-Telescopic Stainless Steel Dredge Rod

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    Dredge Rod Stainless Steel Fixed Boom

    Our dredge rod features a fixed stainless steel 42 inch boom, 80-130 bent butt, and a 32mm swivel roller tip. This heavy duty stainless steel dredge rod may be used for pulling all sizes of dredges. The stainless steel boom is capable of pulling in excess of 500 LBS and it comes complete with the 80 130 butt, which is suitable for the largest electric dredge pulling reels, such as the 651 XL & XF models, as well as other large rod mounted electric reels.

    Dredge Rod Stainless Steel Fixed Boom

    World's BEST Dredge Rod - Compare Features:

    Kristal's 42 inch fixed boom dredge rod features a stainless steel boom with swivel roller tip. This dredge rod is plenty strong for pulling all sizes of dredges. The 80-130 butt allows this rod to be used with the larger Kristal XL & XF 651 models. 

    The swivel roller tip allows the line to track while trolling small to larger heavier dredges, including single, double, and triple tiered models. The stainless steel swivel roller tip is suitable for use with braided lines as well as monofilament lines of 300 to 600 LB test.

    I recommend this rod for pulling dredges, as well as for non-traditional deep drop applications that require a really stiff rod for really big fish. Keep in mind, that due to the stainless steel boom, this reel features only 1 swivel roller tip guide. The ultra strong design makes this rod very versatile, and suitable for the heaviest dredge pulling applications. 

    Louis, CEO

    BMC Tackle Inc.

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