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Dolphin Shimano Tiagra 50 Wide Electric Reel Combo
Dolphin Shimano Tiagra 50 Wide Electric Reel

Dolphin Shimano Tiagra 50 W Electric Reel

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Dolphin Shimano Tiagra 50 W Electric Reel

Dolphin Shimano Tiagra 50 W Electric Reel

The Dolphin Shimano Tiagra 50 W Electric Reel offer's angler's the advantage of a big game reel, and all of it's features including the ability to manually reel, as well as the 2nd speed gearing ratio. This is of great importance when fighting fish that sound such as tuna and swordfish. In addition, Dolphin Electric Reels have the ideal size to be fished standup, and are easy to move around the cockpit. The Dolphin Shimano Tiagra 50 W Electric Reel with the famous Shimano Tiagra super smooth drag systems function just like an un-powered reel. Dolphin Electric Reels feature a CNC housing machined from a solid piece of marine grade aluminum and then anodized to match the reel's color. In addition to standup, these reels may also be fished in the fighting chair or off a rod holder. Available in both 12 and 24 volt power options.

See our Buyer's Guide for more information on the Dolphin Shimano Tiagra 50 W Electric Reel.

Dolphin Whisenhunt Electric Drive

Weight 20.00 lbs
Gear Ratio 3-1
Retrieval Rate 370ft/min

Dolphin Shimano Tiagra 50 W Electric Reel

The Dolphin Shimano Tiagra 50 W Electric Reel is an excellent choice when considering the purchase of an electric reel. Dolphin Electric Reels offer the angler many advantages. The different models such as the Penn Internationals and Shimano Tiagra Reels offer the big game performance of a big game reel, and the advantage of electric line retrieval. This allows the reel to be used for deep drop bottom fishing applications, pulling dredges, as well as swordfish and tuna applications. The Penn Senator fishing reels may also be used for a variety of offshore fishing applications, including deep drop. The smaller Penn Senator models may also be used for light deep dropping, as well as teaser reels, and electric kite reels. Dolphin Reel size allows the angler to fight the fish standup or in the chair.

Dolphin Electric Fishing Reels offer these advantages:

* Angler can fight the fish standup

* Electric Reeling Option

* Manual Reeling Option

* Reels will fit all sizes of rod reel seats

* Angler can use standup fishing harness' for support

* 100% Gear Driven Drives NO BELTS

I strongly recommend spooling the Dolphin Shimano Tiagra 50 W Electric Reel with Jerry Brown Spectra Fishing Line for unmatched performance. The quality and performance of Dolphin Electric Reel's WILL exceed your expectations!

Tight Lines,


Why is Dolphin the best choice when it comes to electric reels?

1. Reel Balance -

Dolphin Electric Reel drive design allows for even distribution
of weight, no hanging motors, easy to carry, easy to hold, may
be used with a harness. Will not damage curved butt rear reel
seat cap due to maldistribution of weight.

2. Reel Handle -

Regardless of reel gear setting, Dolphin's patented reel handle design
does not allow the reel handle to turn when power is applied to
the drive. A reel handle that turns when the electric drive is
engaged will eventually cause severe injury to the user.

3. Big Game Reel

The Dolphin Drive allows your reel to keep it's 2 speed gear functions,
imperative for catching Tuna, Swordfish, and other fish that sound.

4. Temperature -

Friction from fighting a fish generates enough heat. The location of the Dolphin Drive motor allows the motor to be separate from the reel, allowing for cooler operation.

5. Removable Cord -

The angler has the right to not trip over electrical cords
and move around freely!

6. Versatility -

This reel allows you to fish pelagics, or fish the bottom, your choice - ONE REEL!
7. Power -
Motor capable of lifting 175 LBS of dead weight. On a Dolphin Reel you can see the motor. Think of the fish you want to catch, and then compare motors, the choice is
obvious. Esthetics vs. functionality - what's more important?

8. Company

Made in the USA, includes machining,assembly, and design. Aircraft aluminum and impeccable craftsmanship.