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Bahama Lure Callisto 12 inch Tuna Lure
Bahama Lure Callisto 12 inch Tuna Lure

Bahama Lure Callisto 12 inch Tuna Lure

Item #: Callisto Tuna
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Callisto 12 inch Tuna Lure


Classic high speed bullet head design


8-12 Knots PLUS


Runs straight

Target Species:

Wahoo Mahi Sailfish

Sea Conditions:



The lure's head color will match the color option you select.

Features: Low Center of Gravity (See Buyer's Guide below) & Rubber Shock Absorber

Callisto 12 inch Tuna Lure 

Classic High Speed Bullet Head Design

Lure Head Colors Made to Match Skirt Colors

Head Colors:


Bahama Lure Color Selections

Callisto 12 inch Tuna Lure

Callisto features the original bullet head design ideal for high speed wahoo trolling. The bullet head design allows for trolling at both high (12 knots plus) to mid-range (8 to 10 knots) trolling speeds. Bullet heads are the easiest, and least labor intensive trolling lures because they do not require constant attention to placement and swimming action, just drop'em in an GO! Callisto is weight keeled allowing for a low center of gravity, which allows this lure to run and track true.

About "Low Center of Gravity" Lures:

A true running lure will have the proper hook set angle as well as presentation. Basically there is no point to having eyes on a lure if the eyes are looking at the sky! The low center of gravity allows your lure to look natural.

All of the Bahama Lure models will exceed your expectations and land you the fish of your dreams!

Tight Lines,
Louis BMC Tackle

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Bahama Lure Rigging Options:

12 Inch Lure Rigs:

Bahama Lures 12 inch Lures feature 11/0 Quick Rig Stainless Steel Fishing Hooks

500 LB Test Stainless Steel Cable Stiff Rig with Anti-Chafe Guard 

12 feet of 300 LB Test Lindgren-Pitman Monofilament Leader

Double Hook Rigs on the 12 inch lures consist of 1 10/0 Dr. J Hook & 1 10/0 Southern & Tuna Hook

Single & Double Stiff Hook Rigs:

0º 500 LB Test Cable Wahoo Double 10/0 Hook Rig
Double 180 Degree Orientation Stainless Steel Hooks 500 LB
Test Cable 10/0 Dr J & Southern & Tuna 10/0 Hooks
Single Dr. J Stainless Steel Hook 500 LB Test Cable
Single Southern & Tuna Stainless Steel Hook 500 LB Test Cable