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Fishing Reels

Saltwater Offshore Big Game and Light Tackle Fishing Reels

Looking for a reel to fish a specific line class? The Reels By Line Class link below will show you the reels that we have available in the specific line class size you seek. We have reels in sizes from 12 LB to unlimited class. At we have a complete selection of both conventional and spinning reels from Avet Reels, Alutecnos, Daiwa, and Blue Fin USA. If you seek a reel with a rod to target a specific game fish, or a combo for a certain line class, we can customize a rod and reel package to match your specifications.

Fishing Reels

Customized Rod and Reel packages are also available. Call us today for special pricing on a complete rod reel and tackle package to outfit your boat. We specialize in custom kingfish king mackerel tournament fishing tackle, rods, reels, equipment, and supplies. Kingfish gear as well as sailfish gear packages are available and customized to order.

We have a complete line of conventional, spinning, and baitcasting reels, featuring:

Avet Fishing Reels
Avet SX and SX 2 Speed
Avet MX, Avet MXL, and Avet MXJ
Avet JX, Avet JX 4.0, Avet JX 6.0
Avet LX, Avet LX 4.0, Avet LX 6.0, Avet LX King Fish, Avet LX Sailfish
Avet HX, Avet HXW Wide Spool, and Avet HXJ Narrow Spool
Avet Pro-Ex, Avet ProEx 30, Avet ProEx 30 Wide, Avet 30 2 Speed Reel
Avet ProEx 50, Avet ProEx 50W, Avet 50 2 Speed Reel
Avet ProEX 80, Avet ProEx 80 Wide 2 Speed Reel
Avet TRX 30 2 Speed, and Avet TRX 50 2 Speed

Alutecnos Gorilla Reels
Alutecnos Veloce Sailfish and King Fish Reels
Alutecnos Albacore Single Speed Reels
Alutecnos Albacore 2 Speed Reels

Quantum Fishing Reels
Cabo Spin Reels
Boca Spin Reels

Fin-Nor Offshore Conventional Fishing Reels
Fin-Nor 16 H High Speed Retrieve Reel
Fin-Nor 20 H High Speed Retrieve Reel
Fin-Nor 30 H High Speed Retrieve Reel
Fin-Nor Offshore Spin Reels

Shimano TLD 15
Shimano TLD 20
Shimano TLD 25
Shimano Bait Runner
Shimano Spheros