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Quick Rig Kite Bait Bridling Tools

Quick Rig Kite Bait Bridling Tools

Live Bait Bridles - Bait Clip Bridles & Rigging Tool

Bridle your live Goggle Eyes, Blue Runners, Pilchards, Sardines, Tinker Mackerel, Speedo's, Pogies, Bluefish, and Bonitos, there is a bait clip size for every live bait out there! Time to get rid of the rusty bridling needles!

The QuickRig Bait Clip is a versatile bait bridling tool that eliminates the need for needles, thread, and floss when bridling your live baits. This took may also be used to rig dead baits using a variety of methods.

Live Bait Bridle - Bait Bridling Tool - 4 Sizes of Bridling Clips
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