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Offshore Package
Aluminum Baitclip Tool Offshore Package

Aluminum Baitclip Tool Offshore Package

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    Baitclip Tool Offshore Package


    * Aluminum BaitClip Tool
    * 1 Pack of Medium Clips
    * 1 Pack of Large Clips

    The sheath & lanyard pictured with this tool are NO LONGER AVAILABLE.

    Baitclip Offshore Tournament Package

    We just purchased 250 of these marvelous tools at a substantial discount. We are totally impressed with this tool and are passing these savings on to you on this one time sale. Sale will continue until all these tools are sold. IN addition, we also purchased the bait clip accessories that are available for this tool.  The sheath & lanyard pictured with this tool are no longer available.

    Aluminum Baitclip Tool Offshore Package

    This unique tool allows the fast rigging of live bait minimizing the time the bait is out of the water. This results in less trauma to the bait, and a much livelier one!

    Each clip has an eye where the hook is securely crimped in place. The hook and clip is then placed on the live bait in any position, including the head, back, or the tail. (see video)

    The Bait Clip tool is manufactured from T6061Aircraft Aluminum and comes complete with a set of sample clips. 

    Guide to Bait Clip Sizes:

    Small Bait Clip: This size is perfect for stinger hooks on kingfish rigs as well as smaller baits such as pilchards, sardines, crabs, small ballyhoo pitch baits, bonito strips, etc.

    Medium Bait Clips: This size is perfect for live baits such as goggle eyes, bunker, small to medium pitch baits, as well as small to medium sized blue runners.

    Large Bait Clips: This size is perfect for larger baits such as medium to large blue runners, medium squid, large mullet, large (long) bonito strips, as well as ribbonfish. 

    X-Large Bait Clips: This size is excellent for large live baits, such as bonito, big blue runners, large mullet, as well as for rigging dredges.

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