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Bait Clip Bait Bridling Tool

The BaitClip Bait Bridling Tool Accessories for rigging both dead and live baits. We stock bait clip sizes ranging from Small to Extra Large, and Chin Weights for rigging deep swimming baits such as ballyhoo.

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Baitclip Bait Chin QuickRig Baitclip Bait Chin Weights -QuickRig

BaitClip Chin Weights

Our Price: $8.00
Extra Large Bait Clips - QuickRig Extra Large Bait Clips - QuickRig

Package of 75 Clips

Our Price: $12.75
Large Baitclips - Quick Rig Large Baitclips - QuickRig

Quick Rig Bait Bridling Tool - Large BaitClips

Our Price: $12.75
Medium Baitclips -QuickRig Medium Baitclips- QuickRig

Medium BaitClips

Our Price: $12.75
Small Baitclips -QuickRig Small Baitclips - QuickRig

Small BaitClips

Our Price: $12.75