Avet T-RX 30W Fishing Reel
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Avet T-RX 30W Fishing Reel
Avet T-RX 30W Fishing Reel

Avet T-RX 30W Fishing Reel

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Avet T-RX 30W Fishing Reel

Welcome to the Dark Side of fishing reels... Avet TRX Quad 30 2 Speed Aluminum Lever Drag Fishing Reel. Highest drag setting of any 30 LB class sized reel. We recommend using braided spectra hollow core fishing lines on all Avet Quad Reels.

AVET T-RX QUAD Two Speed Reels
* Avet Reels have a Lever Drag control system.
* Avet Quad Reels feature Twin titanium disk per side & 4 carbon fiber pads
* Avet Reels have 3-4 times larger drag surface Smooth!
* Avet Reels have a Pre set Drag feature.
* Avet Reels new cast control system only availabe from Avet Reels
* Avet Reels are 100% precision machined aluminum rigid frame.
* Avet Reels feature all stainless steel bearings and components
* Avet Drag dual caliper drag washers with titanium brake disk.
* Avet Reel Handle knob with oversized grip.
* Avet Reel Harness lugs.
* Avet Reels are proudly designed, machined and assembled in USA.

Guide for Choosing an Avet T-RX Unlimited Class Series Reel

The table below outlines the important specifications needed when choosing an Avet Pro-Ex Series reel. Our line capacities are based on Sufix brand monofilament, and Jerry Brown Non-Hollow 80 LB, 130 LB Hollow Core, and 200 LB Test Hollow Core Spectra Braided Fishing Lines. I highly recommend the use of braid on the T-RX series. Given the drag specs of the T-RX series, not using mono needs no further explanation.

 Pro-EX ModelMono Line Capacity   Spectra Line Capacity  Max Drag (LBS)  Gear   Ratio  Weight 

Avet T-RX 30 Wide

 650 YDS of 30 LB  720 YDS of 80 LB  50 Strike
70 Full
 3.8:1 (H)
2.0:1 (L)
 3.3 LBS
 1.5 KGS

Avet T-RX 50 2
Narrow Open Top

 500 YDS of 50 LB 750 YDS of 80 LB 100 Strike
116 Full
 3.2:1 (H)
1.3:1 (L)
 4.6 LBS
 2.0 KGS

Avet T-RX 50 Wide

 750 YDS of 50 LB 1100 YDS of 80 LB 100 Strike
116 Full
 3.2:1 (H)
1.3:1 (L)
4.9 LBS
 2.2 KGS

Avet T-RX 30W Fishing Reel

My overall opinion when it comes to the T-RX series, is that these reels can catch anything you throw at it, including killer whales, the only thing you have to do is hang on! All of the T-RX series feature an incredibly powerful Quad disc dry carbon fiber drag system. This reel is very powerful and falls into the unlimited class classification.  The Avet T-RX 30W Fishing Reel is able to deliver a strike drag of 50 LBS, and 70 LBS at full. Depending on angler use, this reel may be mounted on a 130 LB to unlimited class rod that has either a #4 80-130 butt, or a #6 130-unlimited aluminum butt. Keep in mind that the #6 butt requires a rod holder with the necessary inner diameter to accommodate the outer diameter of the butt. Typically these are custom built rods with the necessary components the angler will need to accomplish their goal, whatever that may be. This reel may be used standup, on the rod holder, or when using a marlin or tuna chair. 

That's all I got to say about this one!

Louis CEO
BMC Tackle Inc.
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