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Avet SX 6/4 Fishing Reel

Avet SX 2 Speed Fishing Reel
Avet SX 2 Speed Fishing Reel
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Avet Special Order Reel:


The Avet SX 2-speed reel doubles as both an offshore and inshore bait caster. Given it's size, the 2 speed SX is a unique fishing reel that is in a class of it's own. Like the other SX models, the 2 speed is excellent for both salt and fresh water applications, but with a twist, the 2nd speed provides the added advantage that allows the angler to fight fish that sound, and fight deep.

The lower gear ratio allows for easier cranking, greatly reducing angler fatigue when fighting fish that fight deep. The 2nd speed is comparable to going from 10th speed to 1st speed on a 10 speed bike, easier to peddle, but not too fast. Easier to crank, but not too fast. The 2nd speed is an advantage when fighting fish such as Tuna that sound and fight deep under the boat.

If you like the challenge of light tackle sportfishing, the Avet SX is an excellent choice for many sport fishing applications, everything from bass, to sailfish. The bigger the fish, the bigger the challenge. This reel may be used with monofilament lines, as well as 30 - 50 LB Test Spectra braided lines, which provide the angler with the necessary line capacity to challenge big fish. We recommend using braided line when fishing 2 speed reels. Typically a heavier line class is necessary to fight fish that sound and fight deep. Whether fishing live bait, dead bait, or lures, the SX 6/4 will provide you with the exhilaration you seek in extreme fishing conditions.