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Avet Fishing Reels

Single and 2 Speed Aluminum Lever Drag Fishing Reels - Avet Reels

Manufactured in Chatsworth California, Avet Fishing Reels offer anglers a vast assortment of fishing reels for every application. Whether you bottom fish, deep drop for swordfish, fish for tuna, marlin, sailfish, kingfish, or troll offshore for dolphin and wahoo, Avet manufactures a reel for your type of fishing. All Avet Reels are big on features, each model is available in both single and 2 speed configurations. In addition, Avet Reels is the only manufacturer that has each of the models available in a left handed version.

Avet Reels are manufactured using the highest grade aluminum stock. Perfection at its finest, these reels provide the power you need to land any fish that swims. Impeccable anodizing, machining, and dry drag performance is un-matched by any other manufacturer. Avet reels have revolutionized the fishing reel market, gaining popularity at an exponential rate, there are many reel manufacturers that have and continue to make "Avet want to be's", yet none have come remotely close to the performance and reliability of Avet Reels. Simply stated, Avet Reels are the best fishing reels money can buy, and reasonably priced to boot. The purchase of an Avet Reel is an investment and a win win for anglers who fish them.

Avet Reels are my personal and favorite choice fishing reel. Due to my continued positive experience with these reels, I highly recommend them to all my customers.

At BMC we feature all the Avet models in the standard manufacturer colors. Left handed reels are also available through special order. Questions? Feel free to contact me! (954) 263-6177 or via email: Louis @ BlueMarlinChronicles.com

Our BMC drag modification is included free of charge to all customers desiring the LX kingfish or sailfish drag modification. In addition we feature free shipping on all Avet Reel purchases.