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AquaShox Anti-Fatigue Boat Mat
AquaShox shock absorbing boat, deck mat, and foot cushion.

AquaShox Anti-Fatigue Boat Mat

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    AquaShox Anti-Fatigue Boat Mat


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    AquaShox Tournament Grade Anti-fatigue Boat Mat

    This high quality 16 x 32 inch boat mat is approx. 1 inch thick and manufactured from a solid piece of 100% closed cell polyurethane for true shock absorbing action. Unlike other mats, the one piece construction of the AquaShox will not fall apart after a season or two. Use of this mat will eliminate the muscle fatigue, aches, and discomfort that results from a day of pounding seas. The AquaShox Boat Mat has a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, you have nothing to loose but your aches and pains!

    We recommend measuring the area where you plan to use this mat prior to purchase, these mats can not be cut to size.
    AquaShox & AquaGel Anti-Fatigue Boat Deck Mats and Foot Cushions

    When running offshore the pounding of the boat against sea conditions makes for an uncomfortable ride due to the lack of shock absorption in hard fiberglass or wooden boat decks. This constant impact distributes the stress to your legs, your back, and as well as your neck, hence the “I am all beat up” feeling at day’s end.

    AquaShox boat floor deck mats are true shock absorbing anti-fatigue boat mats that will provide a shock absorbing layer between you and the boat deck. This mat is made here in the USA, it features the necessary thickness and density to provide the shock absorption needed in an anti-fatigue mat. AquaShox boat floor mats provide the necessary shock absorption to provide a comfortable ride that will not leave you feeling beat, and provide you with an enjoyable day on the water.

    Tournament anglers will appreciate AquaShox’s anti-fatigue, anti-shock qualities. The AquaShox mat is a tournament grade mat, which means that it provided the necessary cushioning effect needed for tournament fishing. Those who fish tournaments are familiar with the extreme punishment placed on your body when running with throttles wide open in offshore rough sea conditions. The AquaShox mat provides the necessary impact protection to provide protections against stress injuries, and muscle fatigue.

    The AquaShox anti-fatigue boat floor mat comes in two sizes:

    AquaShox 16” x 32” Boat Mat for small to mid size boats
    AquaShox 22” x 36” Boat Mat for mid to large size boats

    The solid construction, and material density of the AquaShox mat does not permit it to be cut. The AquaShox mats come in sizes which will fit most boat helms. AquaShox mats are available in white and gray colors. Currently there is a black mat available, however quantities on that color are limited.

    Due to the density and weight of the AquaShox anti-fatigue boat deck mat, the use of grommets or other attachment devices is not needed. The mat’s density and resulting weight will keep the AquaShox in it’s place.

    AquaShox also manufactures the AquaGel boat mat, which is a thinner boat mat suitable for smaller fresh water boats, as well as for foot cushioning on poling platforms. I recommend the AquaGel from AquaShox for use as a foot cushioning comfort mat, when heavy duty shock absorption is not necessary.

    Louis, CEO BMC Tackle

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