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Alutecnos Fighting Jacket

Alutecnos Fighting Jacket
Alutecnos Fighting Jacket
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Alutecnos Fighting Jacket

The Fighting Jacket by Alutecnos is an awesome harness that provides extreme angler comfort and unmatched leverage for fighting fish. This jacket is designed to distribute forces from your upper buttocks and along your back. This jacket is worn like a fishing vest, and it features straps to allow the angler to strap the reel eyes to the jacket. The straps are adjustable and allow the angler to use this jacket in all light to heavy standup fishing applications. This is the same style of fighting jacket that Capt. Quint on the movie Jaws wore while fighting the shark on the fighting chair.

The Alutecnos Fighting Jacket may be used with either the Alutecnos Dolce Vita when fishing light to medium heavy standup tackle, or the Alutecnos Large Fighting Belt, when using medium-heavy to heavy standup tackle.

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Alutecnos FIghting Jacket

The Alutecnos Fighting Jacket is designed to ride on your back and upper buttocks, putting the pressure on the mid & upper body, giving you maximum pulling efficiency and support. Matched with the Large Fighting belt this is the most popular combination for stand up fishing large game.