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Accurate BossXtreme 600XW
Accurate Boss Extreme BXL-600XW

Accurate Boss Extreme BXL-600XW

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    Accurate Boss Extreme BXL-600XW


    Accurate Boss Extreme BXL-600XW

    Weighing in at 29 oz and a lightning fast 6:1 gear ratio, the Accurate Boss Extreme BXL-600XW boasts a monofilament line capacity of 625 yds of 20, and 464 yds of 30 LB test lines. Anglers who prefer braided lines will find the 625 yards of 80, and 707 yds of 65 LB Test Spectra, ample and well suited for their offshore needs.

    The Accurate Boss Extreme BXL-600XW has a whopping 47 inches per crank of line retrieval making this reel ideal for a wide variety of offshore challenges, including kingfish, sailfish, wahoo, and others. The lightning fast gear ratio and quick line pickup allows this reel to be an ideal choice for kite fishing. Pitch baits? Not a problem, the Accurate Boss Extreme BXL-600XW is cast friendly, Accurate's unique AccuCast feature allows for easy cast ability, and impeccable performance.

    As we say at BMC, "When it comes down to the wire, Accurate is the way to go!"

    Accurate Boss Extreme BXL-600XW

    Made in the USA, Accurate Reels manufacture the finest fishing reels with superior high grade materials. Using 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum bar stock, these reels are machined to perfection, and then anodized for superior corrosion protection at their factory in Corona California. The Accurate Reel design takes into consideration metallurgic principles throughout the engineering process, allowing for the selection of proper metal components to assure longevity as well as performance.

    Accurate manufactures their friction washers from titanium to prevent particle shedding when drag pressures are applied. The TwinDrag design and the materials used keep the drag washers free from contamination that can cause the infamous "jerky" intermittent drag performance that leads to inconsistent drag pressures. When drag pressures become inconsistent, these changes throughout the fish's initial run may make the difference between a tournament win, or hook up failure. Smooth drags are the key, and Accurate delivers just that.

    Heat treated stainless steel gears and Class 5 ABEC stainless steel ball bearings are sealed through a teflon impregnation process that allows for permanent lubrication. In addition, the TwinDrag design of Accurate reels allows the drag pressure to be applied to both sides, which evens out the load of the drag and prevents one side to bear 100% of the load when fighting big fish. The TwinDrag also distributes friction and the heat associated with it evenly, allowing for cooler operation, longevity, and vastly superior performance.

    When it comes to sport, or tournament fishing, I believe that Accurate Reels are an advantage, the technology is best summed up as nothing less than a clear advantage when fishing offshore. There are no other reels that come close to Accurate's quality, best of all, these reels are made right here in the USA with superior American craftsmanship, metallurgy, and US grade aluminum, titanium, and stainless steel. Nothing can beat that!

    Louis CEO/Owner

    BMC Tackle