Shipping Information

Shipping Procedures & Courier Information -

At we use FedEx, UPS, and the USPS, which is the US Postal Service. Customers who want expedited shipping must place their orders over the phone, we do not offer overnight or 2nd-day air shipping on the website. Our Continental Shipping is via USPS Priority Mail 2-day shipping. Our second option is UPS/FedEx Ground.

Fishing Rods, Helium Systems, BMC Anti-fatigue Mats, Kristal, Dolphin, and Lindgren Pittman are all products that we ship via UPS/FedEx Ground, the weight of these items simply makes it too expensive to ship via USPS Priority Mail.

In our store we have many products where the shipping is included in the price, these are labeled as free shipping. BMC Anti-fatigue Mats, BMC Helium Systems, electric reels, SFE Kites, Home Port Charts, and many accessories fall under our free shipping policy.

It is important to note that there are items that ship separately, A good example is an order for a fishing reel that has a shipping charge and a fishing chart that features free shipping, in such a case the chart, due to its size ships separately from the reel. We can't fit the reel inside the tube the chart is shipped in, and the chart won't fit in the box we ship the reel in, therefore this particular order will be made up of two separate shipments. With regards to shipping charges, if the reel and the chart feature free shipping, then both items will ship separately at no additional cost. If the reel has shipping charges, and the chart doesn't, then because both items have to ship separately, there will be a charge for shipping the reel and not the chart.

Due to shipping costs, we have some items that we drop ship. Heavy items such as electric reels are too expensive to ship and insure twice, instead of doing that we drop ship it to the customer directly and the shipping is included in the price of the item. We also drop ship all our Home Port and Capt. Segull charts.

At I ship daily. My objective is to ship your order within an hour of receiving it. Our local post office is open on Saturdays, those orders that ship USPS will classify as a Saturday shipment if the order comes in before 12:30 PM. On Saturdays after 1 PM and on Sunday's I will drop off all packages that ship via the post office at the post office's general parcel mailbox, Those items that ship via UPS or FedEx are also dropped off at both facilities on Saturday and Sundays. Our UPS & FedEx facilities are open 24/7.

Once I generate the shipping label for your order, a tracking number is immediately emailed to the email address on the order. If you happen not to get it, check your spam filters. Some email clients will put all emails from unknown addresses that have attachments into the junk mail pile. Our 2nd email to you will be your receipt, and on the receipt, the tracking number is provided for the second time. All internet orders will have two follow up emails after they are placed, the tracking information, then a second email with tracking information and your receipt.. If you do not receive tracking information after your order, please call me and I will provide to you. (954) 263-6177