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BMC Anti-Fatigue 40 x 22 Anti-Shock Mat

BMC 4022 Anti-Fatigue Boat Mat
BMC 40 x 22 Shock Absorbing Boat Mat
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BMC 40 x 22 Shock Absorbing Cushioning Anti-fatigue Boat Deck Helm Mat

Textured for maximum comfort and dryness, this high-quality UV resistant 40 x 22-inch boat mat's one-inch (25.4 mm) thickness provides the necessary density for true shock absorption, weight 14 LBS. The one-piece construction of the BMC Mats will not fall apart after a season or two. Use of this mat will eliminate the muscle fatigue, aches, and discomfort that results from a day of pounding seas. The 40 x 22 is an outstanding choice for large center console tournament boats.

You have nothing to lose but your aches and pains!

Due to the density and weight of the 40 x 22 mat, the use of grommets, velcro attachment devices, or adhesives is NOT needed. Anglers who have deck plates and hatches behind their console will appreciate the ability to remove the mat for quick access, as well as to clean their deck.

Additional Information/Details/Specifications/Videos:

Due to size & weight this product only ships via UPS or FedEx.

We recommend measuring the area where you plan to use this mat before purchase; these mats cannot be cut to size. Allow for a 1/4 in space clearance per side. For 14 inch mats, you should have a total of no less than 14.5 inches, 16.5 inches for the 16 in mats, 22.5 in for the 22 in mats, and 24.5 in mats, for the 24 in mat.

Care of your BMC Mat

The BMC mat is manufactured from a heavy 1 inch (25.4 mm) thick material that allows semi-breathability for air cushioning and proper shock absorption when running offshore. These mats may be washed with regular boat soap and water. When fishing, it is best to use a fresh or raw water washdown to immediately rinse off fish blood from your deck and mat when the need arises. Once fish blood dries it is difficult to clean from both your fiberglass deck and the mat. When done for the day it is best to put the mat on its side against your console to allow it to dry