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Fishing Kite 40 in Helium Balloons set of 30

Item #: BMC-Balloons 30 EA
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    Fishing Kite 40 in Helium Balloons set of 30

    Set of 30 White Fishing Kite Helium Balloons

    Heavy walled fishing kite helium fishing balloons in WHITE stay cooler during hot summer days, cooler surface equals less pressure build up, and a longer lasting balloons.

    Physics fun fact: Gay-Lussac's Law state that as temperature increases, volume increases, therefore if the temperature remains cooler, there is less increase in volume inside the balloon. This is why car tires should never be inflated to max pressure, hence no blowouts.

    White Kite Fishing Helium Balloons Set of 30

    Our fishing kite helium balloons are made of heavy walled latex construction. Now available in WHITE only. White balloons provide for a cooler surface and longer balloon life.

    We store our balloons in our air conditioned warehouse until we ship them to you. We highly recommend the use of the Kite Thong, this handy device allows you to attach your balloon to any SFE or Frenzy Fishing Kite without the need for tape. Tape does do the job, however as the tape peels it does thin the surface of the balloon, making it thinner and more likely to pop, the Kite Thong completely eliminates that problem.

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