El Sincero 34 OZ Submariner Rattling Wahoo Lure

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El Sincero 34 OZ Rattling Fishing Lure - Rigged Ready To Fish

The 34 oz El Sincero is a subsurface running (aka "submariner") rattling fishing lure. The slightly tapered head design allows this lure to run beneath the surface creating a jet effect that generates an impressive smoke trail. So impressive that the Wahoo Paparazzi can't get enough of these bad boys and their persistent erratic behavior. Available in 5 colors, 2 colors with chrome heads, and 2 with iridescent stainless steel heads. The shiny fish-attracting chrome head and Iridescent heads, mylar rubber skirts, and prismatic eye colors. Plenty of flash, sparkle, and pizzazz! The 34 OZ weight of the ecologically friendly El Sincero eliminates the need for a lead trolling sinker.

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