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2019 - New Products Announcements & Press Releases

You will find new products, product improvements, and other announcements from BlueMarlinChronicles.com below. These are arranged by release dates. Questions? Feel free to call me at any time! (954) 263-6177

Louis CEO/Owner

What's New @ BlueMarlinChronicles.com!

12/28/2018 - New 90 LB Test Hollow Core line size from Jerry Brown industries

Why 90 LB Test? This is the same question I asked Jerry. The new Jerry Brown 90 LB Hollow Core size is the same as the 100, the difference is the 90 is a looser braid. This allows for easier threading. This new size will be available sometime in Jan 2019. Once it is available, I will activate the stock status on the products currently listed on the website.

12/28/2018 - New Patriot Line Color from Jerry Brown Industries

The new Jerry Brown Line One Patriot line color is a metered line that has a new color grouping of Red White & Blue every 10 yards. The 10 yd intervals allow the angler to count the amount of line in yards as the line is let out of the spool. This is an alternative to using a rod or reel mounted line counter. Metered line comes in handy when fishing the water column, subsurface currents, thermoclines, etc. Typically we know depth through our fish finders, depth finders, or bathymetric fishing chart details.

1/10/2019 - New Kite Line Kit with Black's 3 Release Clip Kit & 450 YDS of Jerry Brown 80 LB Test Patriot Line

The new Complete Kite Line Kite is a recent addition to our store is an awesome easy to use product that simplifies the process of putting the line and release clips on a kite reel. This kit is good for both manual or electric kite reels. The 450 yd spool of Jerry Brown Patriot Metered Line will fill most manual kite reels such as 6/0 Penn Senators, Daiwa T-100 and Kristal 601 electric kite reels. Be sure to check out the Buyer's Guide on the product page for additional information on release clip and scope distances.

1/10/2019 - BMC 150 FT Wind On Leaders

We now offer 3 sizes of our swordfishing & deep drop 150 FT monofilament wind on leaders, 200, 250, and 300 LB test. These wind on leaders feature Jerry Brown 300 LB test spectra loops, weight attachment loop, and Lindgren Pitman monofilament leader. All of our leaders feature free 2 day USPS Priority Mail shipping to all of the US and its territories.

1/11/2019 - BMC Fishing Kite Helium Systems

BMC customers have requested smaller systems that can be used in smaller storage spaces, as a result I added another 3 sizes to the BMC kite fishing helium systems , our new 24 CU FT & 30 CU FT space saver systems, and a new 1800 PSIG 55 CU FT Helium System , which feature a less expensive aluminum cylinder at a more economical price. The 24 CU FT system features the ability to purchase a 2nd 24 CU FT cylinder at a SPECIAL PRICE. As always all our helium systems include free shipping to your doorstep throughout the continental USA.