Holiday Discount Coupons - Sales Start Monday, November 26th!

Accurate Fishing Reels - COUPON CODE IS: ACCURATE (shipping included in price!)

BMC Antifatigue Mats LARGE Sizes - COUPON CODE IS: I LOVE BMC (shipping included in price!)

BMC 60 CU FT Helium System - COUPON CODE IS: Best Helium (shipping included in price!)

BMC Antifatigue Mats SMALL Sizes - COUPON CODE IS: BMCMAT (shipping included in price!)

Seigler aka Truth & Release Reels - COUPON CODE IS: REELS (shipping included in price)

One Day Only Sales coupons will appear here throughout the Holiday Season!


All of these coupons have different expiration dates. Those dates coincide with the courier we use for that specific product. Sale coupons will end if we run out of the sale item!!! The coupon end dates coincide with the time frames of the couriers (UPS, FedEx, & USPS) this allows for the item to be delivered in time for Christmas. Please keep in mind that these delivery dates are not guaranteed, weather and other delays will affect these if such delays occur. I ship out my orders immediately, this includes weekend days. We have the availability of 24/7 package drop-offs for UPS, FedEx, and USPS.

If the on-time delivery is not important to you, or you see the coupon after the coupon expires, I will be happy to extend the discount through December 27th. Place your phone order at (954) 263-6177

Happy Holidays to All!

Louis CEO/Owner BlueMarlinChronicles.com