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Abalone Head Islander Type Lures 4 Pack
Abalone Head Islander Type Lures 4 Pack

Abalone Head Islander Type Lures 4 Pack

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    Abalone Head Islander Type Lures 4 Pack

    Abalone Head Islander Type Lures 4 Pack

    Set of 4 Islander Style Abalone Head Lures complete with storage bag.  Set includes the following color combinations:

    *Blue & White
    *Black & Purple
    *Pink & Blue
    *Green & Chartreuse

    Color combinations will provide colors for both sunny as well as overcast days. See our Buyer's Guide for more information on color selection.

    Draggin Eyes Fishing Lures

    Draggin Eyes Fishing Lures and Teasers come in a variety of options. The secret of this lure's success is in
    the eyes! The un-rigged versions may be used as ballyhoo covers for trolling offshore, as well as rigged in
    tandem as a daisy chain teaser.

    Draggin Eyes Lures are available in different sizes. Size options allow the angler to match the lure to
    the baits as well as offshore fishing conditions. The smaller Bullet Draggin Eyes "witches" may be used to
    rig ribbon fish when slow trolling for kingfish / king mackerel. In addition these "witches" may be used to
    rig bonito strips for deep trolling offshore on the downriggers. The bullet shaped heads are best for
    subsurface trolling, while the "pusher" heads are best for trolling on the outriggers and flat lines.

    We feature all the different color combinations for both geographical differences, as well as offshore conditions. Typically the color selections are based on fishing conditions, while at times geographical differences will dictate specific colors. Here in the SE USA the following colors are suggested:

    Blue & White      Bright Sunny Days
    Pink & White      Bright Sunny Days
    Pink & Blue        Bright Sunny Days
    Red & White       Bright Sunny Days
    Silver                   Bright Sunny Days
    Purple                  Bright Sunny Days

    Green                  Overcast Days
    Chartreuse          Overcast Days
    Black                  Overcast Days
    Red                     Overcast Days
    Silver                  Overcast Days
    Purple                 Overcast Days

    The following color combinations Pink & White, and Black & Purple are always applicable. These colors should always be part of your initial spread.

    Daisy Chains and all teasers in general are an integral part of offshore fishing. Anglers often disregard
    the effectiveness of using teasers. Teasers may be used when trolling with slower as well as higher speeds.
    We use the bullet & conical head for faster speeds, and the "pusher" "cupped faced" heads for slower.

    When trolling offshore always begin trolling at a minimum of 6 knots SOG, taking currents into consideration. Most anglers have a tendency to troll too slow. I personally like to start at 7 to 8 knots. Drop
    backs are important, as are transom clips for the flat lines. Lures should be staggered to allow for the
    maneuvering of the boat. It is best to use a "meandering pattern" when trolling, this allows the most natural bait presentation allowing the lures to vary their swimming action and speed when turns are made. Keep
    in mind that when turning, the lures toward the outside of your turn will skip, while the ones towards the inside will dive. It is these changes that entice the fish to bite! NEVER TROLL STRAIGHT!

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